When we last left off, I was waiting for BMW to approve my travel dates so that I could get the ball rolling on everything. Well last week, my client advisor called to notify me that BMW approved my pickup date, and that we could get started on everything. He sent me a finalized build sheet, which I confirmed, and then we arranged an appointment to complete the European purchase order. The European Purchase order consists of six pages of signatures, saying that I will buy the car no matter what, and BMW is not responsible for if something changes schedule wise on their end. Along with the signatures, BMW also requires a copy of your passport, so they know that you are actually the one going to take delivery of the car. This is important, because otherwise customers here could arrange to have anyone in Europe “take delivery”, just so that they could benefit from the savings. As of right now, I’m just waiting for BMW to assign me a build date and VIN. Once that has happened, I can arrange a time to complete the purchase paperwork. The plan is to complete the purchase paperwork as late as possible, because I have to turn in my trade at that time, and will be car-less thereafter. Lastly, in a recent development, my friend who was supposed to be accompanying me on the trip has bailed. So it looks like I'll be traveling solo, which should definitely make for an interesting experience.