M3 is getting a bunch of maintenance done this weekend

Been getting stuff in the mail the last few days to handle some much needed maintenance for my ‘12 E92 m3 this weekend.

The oil change kit arrived a few days ago, Castrol 10w-60 Supercar.


Today arrived a Macht Schnell engine air filter and 8x NGK spark plugs. I picked a MS air filter, because the forums say there is a butt dyno effect of more noise and about a stickers worth of horsepower. Regarding the spark plugs, when I take out the old ones, I am interested to see what plugs CarMax used when they were diagnosing my now “famous” Jalopnik-front-page episode. Fun fact - I recently crossed 4 years of ownership. 


I was going to handle my diff oil too, but I am going to put that off until warmer weather. It needs to be level and my plan is to back it out in my driveway onto my Race Ramps so its level, but I still can get under the back.

My plan is to disassemble the airbox stuff to get the spark plugs done, then on the reassembly insert the new engine air filter. Start it up, everything good, then move on to the oil change.


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