Brought the Clubman into the BMW Mini dealer for first MOT etc. Walking to the office to book the car in, a shiny dark blue M3 M4 with very squeaky new tyres was just being parked up after service.

Booked in, one of the reps offered us a lift in to the nearest train station... in an i3, which was interesting. The little bits of wood (or wood effect) in the dash look bizarre. The cabin feels far too big. Anyway...

He drove us out to the main road, oh that’s a serious queue of traffic... look left... the M3 M4 is side-on, across the opposite, wrong side of the road, next to a lorry. No lefthand front wheel visible, bits everywhere. Driver and passenger fine - airbags did their job.

Bit too far away for a photo and not really the done thing to take one if you’re sitting with the guy that’s just handed the car over, I expect someone’s posted one on Fb or Insta

Rep makes the “aaa-oh” noise that seems to have an indication of “not this again”


Apparently, many an “M” owner comes out of the dealer and promptly Mustangs it (that is a verb now, isn’t it?)

Update... It’s just come into the dealer...