So today we got a lot more done to the M3 than I originally planned. Mostly sorting out and removing more ricer shit from the interior. Also me breaking some trim and figuring out a battery drain issue.

We started with the crappy aftermarket stereo. We wanted to remove it to see why the head unit wasn't picking up radio stations. What started as possibly reattaching an antenna cord ended with us removing the unit all together and cleaning up the wiring mess. It was a total hack job. Plus, the unit itself was, and I'm not kidding, wedged into the center stack unit nothing more than a stack of napkins.

So after we figured out how to disconnect the damn thing, we started pulling all the amateur wiring off from the stuff that come from the factory. It was only held together with painters tape and some electrical tape, the wires themselves being twisted together.

So we got that and then we taped the remaining wires together and shoved them in the dash. We plan on buying a new head unit.


The after that we decided to deal with the horribly broken glove box. Which, if anyone has ever owned an E36, knows is a really common issue. The process to remove it was pretty straight forward and involved a couple screws, a 10mm bolt, and removing the glove box light. We got that out and my dad's going to re-glue the plastic-leather face thing back to the actual door, as well as fixing the hinges and locking mechanism. If that fails we'll just buy a new glove box unit.

Above is the current state of my passenger compartment.

Then, while I had the drop light aimed at the center stack, I noticed the carbon fiber bits around the switches, gear lever, and hazards button were nothing more than fancy tape. So I started peeling that. Then I peeled the same thing on the driver and passenger doors. As of now, there is no more carbon fiber tape anywhere in the car.


We had to pop the power window switch to remove the carbon stuff under it, so that ended up with my dad taking that out to see why it won't adjust the mirrors. He screwed with it, cleaned, it did a bunch of stuff to it and it still won't move the mirrors. Either the switch is shot or both mirrors are broken. I'm hoping it's the switch.

Then as my dad was doing that my dumb ass decided to fuck with a trim piece on the side of the car.


Yeah. That broken.

The thing is held on to the car with plastic clips that hold on to metal on the plastic bump strip. The metal was all rusted and disintegrated as I tried to take it off. Now we can't put it back on the car and I'm missing a trim piece.


We're going to order a whole new set to go all around the car, since they're all falling apart on the inside we're pretty sure.

Then we get to the big issue of massive battery drain. Enough to kill it in about an hour if I have to turn the ignition on a few times to move windows and do stuff on the system computer. My dad had a sneaking suspicion that the radio was to blame.

Shocker, it was.

The battery may still be in need of replacing, but it doesn't drain nearly as fast now.


Tomorrow we're going to clear that damn code throwing the airbag and then get it inspected so I can actually drive the damn thing.

Oh yeah, we also came to the consensus that it had been rear-ended at some point. Not badly, but the trunk lid does show it's been fixed, rather badly at that. A new trunk lid is in order at some point as well as a front and rear bumper. Since those have been caught on things at the edges and pulled out of alignment and had said corner ripped off.


It's slowly getting fixed. Slowly. I'm just glad it's mostly cosmetic and not mechanical.

Still need shocks though, which aren't cheap. At all.