Since we're waiting on brake lines and SRS code readers to be shipped from god-knows-where in the world, we decided to tackle the non-working power mirrors and re-install the glove box finally, which we seemed to have found the fix for the sag and weak latch that all E36 glove boxes get.

We (well, my dad, I was at Panera Bread with my girlfriend) started with the side mirrors which would absolutely dead. Turns out the wires in the driver's side one were disconnected. So he hooked those back up an it worked. Then we got to the passenger side, whose wires were pulled out of the mirror. So we had to take the door panel off to get to them.

We managed to not break a single clip in the process! I say because they're actually good clips unlike the ones GM was using in the 90s and early 00s. Actually, one clip was so strong it ripped the plastic housing it pops into off the door panel itself. So we had to re-glue that on and are letting it dry overnight, so I currently do not have a passenger side door panel on the car.

Now we moved on to the glove box. When we got the car it was all broken and the leather-plastic skin was coming off the door itself and it wouldn't latch and stay closed without being locked. Dad epoxy'd the skin back on the door and tried his best to glue the small plastic clips on the vent and trim piece that the PO broke. It kinda worked but the middle where the latch is still bowed out and wouldn't allow the door to latch properly and turn the light inside off.


So then my dad had an idea to drill a few holes on each side of the latch to put small screws in to hold the trim flush against the glove box assembly itself.

And my god, it worked.


That almost looks as tight as it was from the factory. All he did was put two small screws in it and it fixed all of our problems. It still takes the perfect amount of force to get it to latch, but once it does, it's tight and won't come loose and fall open. I'm going to call that okay for not having to buy an entire new glove box.

Now we don't really have anything else to do until the things for the car to pass inspection get here. We could realign the front and rear bumpers, but with the stuff potentially getting here this week, I'd rather just focus on figuring out how to swiftly get it fixed so we can get this damn thing on the road!