....the truck gets to my friend’s shop tomorrow! SO fast, how?? But I’m working, so I can’t go. I went by the shop today to drop off all the paint, seat belts etc... he will order the electronic ignition since we don’t know what cap is on it til we measure it. I am washing the seat covers, they literally smell like a military warehouse despite being new, maybe they use surplus canvas. They are heavy duty. Oh and there is a pocket that hangs below the bench seat, not original but they said it’s nice to have so I got one, the bench has a wood plank with holes drilled in it as a base, you have to staple the pocket to that and then put the cushion over it.

He had the bench recovered so I am covering the vinyl and maybe putting a memory foam pad over the vinyl as some have suggested on the forums. I have to stuff the springs and get a pad for the driver seat, it is separate.