M37 Dodge Update

My friend had an El Camino to finish so there was a delay. He has the truck in the main shop and took the bed off. He’s been getting anything major done, I don’t want the thing perfect but he gets a little carried away sometimes, which was fine for the Z, but this is a military truck so any minor stuff is just going to stay. The back of the cab and the tailgate have been fixed a couple times in it’s life we think, so he’s fixing that so we never have to again. I don’t have the gears to swap yet so I don’t feel like we are too behind. The weather is nice so I do want it! I will drive the Z as usual.


Speaking of hats earlier with ImmoralMinority I got this hat, it’s felt and seem like it will work, as long as I have the windshield up. With the windshield down it won’t be good, but I can probably only have the windshield down in town going slow, we had the truck up to 30 mph or so with it down and it was ok. I’ll have to stop and flip it up when we get to a road where it goes up to 45+ I think.


I also checked out the kayak launching spot in Sausalito today and the Army Corps of Engineers is right there. My truck worked for them, so I will have to take a picture in front of their red castle logo at that place. Here are some sweet boats. I want that huge cat they have there, has a crane!


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