Well the M37 is here and getting painted, a few things like the tailgate needs an adjustment, nothing crazy.

But there are plans on the horizon, how I do them is still the question. It looks like the steering knuckle rebuild would have to be done here or I would have to ship the axle. But if M Series Rebuild did the gears and disks on the front, then shipping the axle might be easier, then we just pop the stuff back in the rear ourselves and the front is all done. Not sure if that makes sense yet.

It was hard to steer turning around in a parking lot, I’ve heard putting fancy new bearings and races in, instead of old cones or something makes it twice as good. If it does end up being pretty good I won’t put power steering in, maybe in a few years.


I think my friend and I could handle the knuckle rebuild with some good instructions like these:



We also have the military diagram above.