So I am talking with a guy in another state about this M37 since he has been working on it for 8 years and it’s in good shape, ready to paint, he primed it all up and painted the frame etc. It was being used by the forest service, that he works for. He says they still operate a fleet of these. My friend’s M37s have some other bits on them and I can get some stuff from them, there are also reproduction parts for most of the military lights etc. This guy put a spotlight on his and had the bracket fabricated from a military schematic. It has a Chrysler flat six but it isn’t the original engine, it was rebuilt and rewired etc.. Apparently it was from an old rock crusher, the block itself only. So I’m way ahead with the project. It costs more and I have to ship it but it’s cheaper than a couple years of time and hassle.

This one is a 1952, it also has a hardtop included but it hasn’t really been used much and says I better take a look at it. This truck was originally an M42 Command Truck, and has some parts and modifications which show this. It has some radio mounts that an M42 has, that is the only thing that changes and M37 to an M42. The winch is kind of a junk one, I will try to get a real one eventually, and of course the big metal guards for the front. It has a diamond plate box in the back, not my thing, I will sell that or give it to my friends shop if they want it. After the Z I was just not really wanting to get neck deep into a project, this will be much easier. I don’t care if it costs more, my dog is getting older and I want to cruise with him in it. I spoke to him today and we are getting information for a bank transfer and I need to figure out shipping it.


*** Anyone an expert in shipping trucks?? The problem is the hardtop isn’t very secure until it’s fixed and an open trailer transport would beat the canvas one across the whole country. Plus he wants to put some parts for me in the truck. So we were thinking covered transport, it’s more expensive but I don’t really see another way. These trucks don’t lock.

Work done to truck includes:

  • Rebuilt Chrysler Industrial Engine, with new rob bearings, piston rings, complete gasket set, bored .040 over. Done by local heavy equipment shop familiar with Power Wagons. Work completed in 2011, engine still being broken in. Complete new updated, and modern wiring harness, Speedway Brand, GM style.
  • Truck is 12 volt, with 6 volt starter. New cap, rotor, plugs, wires, points, condenser, and coil in 2011.
  • Front end was taken apart, checked, bearings repacked, seals replaced, and REAL Warn hubs installed.
  • Original gas tank was removed, cleaned, and sealed by local radiator shop.
  • Badlands 12,000 pound electric winch installed.
  • New windshield glass, and body work completed in 2013. Original fenders replaced, frame painted, truck primed and sealed. Never got around to paint.
  • All new armored brake lines and hoses, ordered from Vintage Power Wagons. New wheel cylinders, and master cylinder.
  • Passenger side seat reupholstered by local shop.
  • New tubes and flaps, and second hand (but great shape) Power King tires installed in 2014
  • Reproduction military spotlight mount, made by blueprints from Produced by local fabrication shop, very well done.
  • Replaced driveshaft in 2016, with NEW u-joints.
  • Rebuilt carburetor with new kit by local carb shop in 2014.
  • Replaced exhaust manifold, new gaskets.
  • All manifold studs and hardware ordered from Vintage Power Wagons, currently stainless reproductions.


I will include with the sale:

  • Take out radiator, should be good to install after a flushing.
  • CCKW hardtop, came on the truck when I got it, appears to have been installed by military.
  • Farm jack, chains, tow strap, and shackles.
  • Lug wrench, and 5 gallon jerry can, with holder.
  • Tractor Supply tool box, currently installed in bed of truck.
  • Spare tire, with new tube and flap in 2014. Never used.
  • Various parts and pieces, and reproduction rubber gaskets from Midwest Military
  • New fire extinguisher, mounted in cab.