M37 Update and Pics

So I don’t have it yet but I’m learning more all the time. He has a bunch of parts including the grille guard I need. The first pic is the first day he got it off the park service. He has super nice old Warn hubs, said they were hard to find. He wants to draw up an agreement with his lawyer, I don’t know why, so it will take another week before I can pay him and arrange for my shipper to go get it.

You can see the old hard top in this pic, he has a new soft top on it now. Everything is included so I can check it out.
This is an exact replica he had made of the spotlight post the military only had on telephone repair trucks. There were specs in some old documents and they did a CAD copy of them. The light is a park police light, maybe I can find an older light someday.
It has a key instead of the plunge starter or later push button, but that is probably for the best!
Passenger seats are all new, drivers needs a new cover, I can get a new foam pad too. I’ll probably put canvas covers over the vinyl so I can wash them and it feels better to sit on.

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