Very balanced review of the three here:…

When BMW introduces a new M car it's worth celebrating the moment. For us that means bringing together the old and the new to gain an understanding of where the new M4 falls within the annals of M history. Luckily it all came together one early June day in central Wisconsin. With Road America at our disposal and some of the finest roads in the midwest around us, we found ourselves with low mileage examples of the BMW 1M, E92 M3 (with Competition package) and two M4s – one manual and one DCT.

The F82 M4 (and the F80 M3 which we'll be reviewing soon) represents the final piece of M's long planned transition into a new era. Gone are the celebrated high revving naturally aspirated engines we've known for years. In the engine bays of all M cars for 2014 are more powerful, faster and dramatically more efficient turbocharged engines that are both brutal and brilliant.

But can something that's more modern (and dare we say it – digital) satisfy the intangibles that have defined the M driving experience?