In case anyone cares - update to my post yesterday.

1. According the BMW service, people steal tow hook covers (!). I’ve never heard of this nor do I see a lot of missing covers on the road. Seems like BS, but they are replacing it for free since they agree there is no damage to the car otherwise.

2. There are scrapes on the bottom of the driver exhaust tips, which leads BMW service to suspect they were scraped somewhere and knocked out of position. I don’t think I did this, but I live in a city with a lot of weird parking lot and store entrances and exits so I won’t rule it out. In any event they were able to secure them in their normal position.

3. They had no explanation for the SOS button cover falling off other than “Huh that’s weird”. Replaced at no charge.

4. Of course for the biggest issue there is no update.

The M6GC that was identical to mine except with a 6SP and a year older on the used car lot was already being sold by the time I noticed it. Too bad, I would have loved to drive it to compare.