Hi Folks -

OK, so not car related, but computer-related.

My MBP shit the bed last night. I think it started about a week ago when it started losing the WiFi signal...not just dropping the connection, but it could not find any WiFi at all, until I rebooted. Then last night, I was searching for a news article and suddenly everything went bullshit. I forced a restart which got me a dark gray screen. Doing some research, I did an SMC reset which had no effect, then a PRAM reset, which got me a light gray screen...but that’s it. Made an appointment with the Apple store to have their rocket surgeons have a look, but I’m fairly certain the GPU failed...which is welded to the motherboard...which costs $800. While I do like the MBP, I’m not up to laying out $1500, just yet as I put $1650 into the Volvo yesterday. Thank God, I have one of my old laptops that I wiped clean and reloaded...so it works, but it’s sort of slow for my taste. I’m looking at getting a Chromebook - does anyone have any experience with them? Is one particularly better or worse than the others?


Thanks for letting me vent...


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