First, many thanks to all that provided troubleshooting tips on my last post. Lots of good advice was presented, but sadly none of it was what was necessary to bring this bugger back to life. Since I’m currently unemployed, and therefore have lots of spare time on my hands, I took a drive down to the nearest Apple store for an appointment at the genius bar.

The tech hooked up his power adapter and hit the power button, and the machine sprung to life, sort of. The unit responded to the button but gave three beeps and three flashes of the main LED on the front panel, thus indicating RAM failure. Hopefully it is just a RAM problem because I was planning on upgrading the memory anyway, and have the parts sitting around. We tried the machine with my power adapter, and not surprisingly, nothing happened.

With any luck I’m just dealing with bad RAM and a cheap power supply. I guess I’ll have to do some searching and see if I can find a genuine Apple 85W MagSafe adapter. It looks like the going rate for one is about $30-35, but if anyone knows of somewhere that I could find one that is a tad more affordable, please let me know. Like I mentioned earlier, I was laid off recently and am not exactly swimming in cash, so I need to do this in the most affordable way possible.