I’m not a mac person at all, but my wife is exclusively Team Apple so I sometimes have to deal with things I know nothing about in helping her maintain her sanity with technology (she also HATES it when technology doesn’t work to the point where her immediate reaction is to want to buy a new one). She has a mid-2012 Macbook Pro that has been doggedly slow recently so she has been wanting a new computer. But before doing so I went ahead and refreshed her computer up a bit with a SSD and 16GB of RAM. The results are incredibly impressive – it is now waaayy faster than my work computer (not a high bar – but it IS what I work with everyday, and her Macbook is essentially just a web browser/photo repository at this point) and she is blown away with how well it works now. It really is crazy quick again, quite proud of my results for less than $200.

Only one slight question – now when I start up the computer it spends about 5-10 seconds on a blank gray screen before the screen with the Apple logo and the status bar pops up. Once that happens it’s all super fast and boots up quickly, but that blank gray screen is new. Any ideas on what is causing this gray screen, and is it a sign of bad things to come?


I googled the topic and all I found were many posts about “the gray screen of death”…which sounds like Apple’s equivalent of a blue screen? All those cases appears to be situations where the computer just goes in to a gray screen at start up and won’t move beyond that, which is different from my case. I just want to make sure the newly arrived gray screen for a few seconds isn’t something I should be concerned about?

p.s. - realize this isn’t car related at all, so thanks Oppo! 

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