So I will be taking my engine to my local “recommended” machine shop. Online reviews are good, but every time I call I get the feeling like they are massively busy and want me to shut up. It’s probably because they can tell I’m a dumb kid.

My engine already has the heads and intake off, and I will be showing up with a box of new parts. Should I hand tighten everything back together or does it not matter? I don’t want to be “that” customer if I can help it. I need this done right and with care, and I know how people are. I don’t want to make anyone’s job more difficult than it absolutely has to be.

Also, I still have a few parts to order, that I am wondering if I should do now or wait until they take a look. parts such as: a couple of pushrods, Harmonic balancer, flex plate, lifters, valvesprings


Obviously I won’t order rings or bearings until they do the actual machine work.

I know good customer service means that I shouldn’t have to worry but we all know the way the world works. What can I do to avoid these problems before they ever even arise?

Definitely not this

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