I didn’t make enough money to get taxed this year. So an ~$800 tax return is in the pipeline!

This is the only really nice picture of it together I have

Which means that the final eventuality has finally presented itself- I have saved enough money to get my engine rebuilt. This is going to involve some back-and-forth no doubt, but what it means is that the new goal is to at least be able to take the car around the block a few times this year. I still have an incredible amount of work to do, replacing fuel and brake lines, wiring a new choke, subframe connectors, and not to mention putting the whole thing back together. however, this spring is different. I have money saved, I have ~ 3 free days every week, and more importantly I won’t have anything really to hold me back from finishing.

While some discussion will take place about hopping up the engine, I have come to the realization that the accompanying stuff- recurving the distributor, tuning the carb, new torque converter, new plugs ect. almost certainly puts me over budget and destroys the timeline for an engine that should just be an LS anyway.

My thought is, if I start this process in february when I get my check, by the time they finish it I will have hopefully had enough nice weather to do the preliminary fuel line work ( and fixing my shifter) to get this thing installed. I also want to do the subframe connectors while the engine is out to make it easier. once it is back in, with the headers on, I should be at least able to get it down the road, giving me motivation to finish the rest of the stuff needed for inspection.


This way, the engine is done right, painted, and realistically shouldn’t need touched for several years or possibly decades, leaving me free to worry about other things and cars. I will also be able to move it into storage should I move when I graduate.