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Macy's lured me with coupons into buying this ridiculously gaudy G-Shock

Casio has been making metal G-Shocks for a while now, and while I haven’t been in a huge rush to buy one, I find them interesting because they’re super polished. Macy’s had a 20% off coupon that I stacked with 12% RetailMeNot cashback to save $68 off the slightly ridiculous (for a digital watch) $230 price. It’s so stupid and gaudy and idiotic and I love it. 


When I told my wife of this impulse purchase, she said, “hey let me wrap that up and give it to you for your birthday because I never know what to get you.” I suppose I can wait a couple weeks to open it if her “giving” it to me will make her happy. Gotta find happiness where you can during covid. 

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