Mad at myself right now

I thought the reason I got a good deal ($5) on this tape deck was that the reel holder on the right spindle was broken, but then I found a picture of the unit on the day I bought it and that part was intact.

I went to purchase a suite of utilities for my computer at a nice discount only to find that the sale is now over and I missed the deal by one day.


I cleaned the tea maker today, getting rid of all of those brown stains, only to find that the basket no longer lowers like it should because the plastic is now cracked. Hopefully a little cyanoacrylate will do the job as I don’t want to spend half the price I paid for the machine on a replacement basket.

I purchased some add-ons for a game I like and installed them, but installed them on the wrong drive. Now when I try to launch either version the program won’t run. I’m in the process of doing a backup right now, but I plugged the flash drive into a USB2 port instead of USB3 and it’s taking forever to backup less than 10GB. Now I’ll have to reinstall each component and see which one causes the program to fail.

Yesterday was a seriously sucky day at work and I looked forward to the weekend where I could have some fun and make progress on things around the house, but right now I just want to crawl in bed and ignore the world for a few days...

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