Mad mad fixie race. The Red Hook Criterium

A criterium is a closed course race of sprinting and position. Chess on a bike. However, make it a fixie bike with one gear and no brakes? Tight and technical sections with fast straights? Only one gear? Night? This is where the intensity, attitude, and street fighting energy come together with a realization you still have no brakes! No freewheeling!

How strong must you be to accelerate and brake for the corners, and hit top speed, all with that one gear? Did you pick the right gear? Did you pick the right sport? How many tattoos does that guy next to you have?...A lot! And they’re cogs and sprockets on fire!

What started as an illegal Brooklyn birthday party street race is now growing across NY and into Europe, attracting world cup pros and Olympic medal winning athletes all racing next to amateurs if they can qualify for the group, cutting laps at or over 30mph.


Enjoy a documentary.

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