So, I came across an article about the crazy depreciation of these cars in the US market due to their terrible DCTs. It brought me back to a thought I had a while back...

Why doesn’t Ford accept defeat and just slap a traditional hydraulic automatic transmission in these cars for the US market?

The fact that it sounds like a 2-year-old one is expensive at half the MSRP tells me this might be the most cost effective basic transportation vehicle available today that isn’t soul-sucking to drive (even in the base spec, these have pretty great handling).

Obviously, it seems a little crazy to do any major work on a car still under warranty (I’d drive it until the tranny shits the bed, then send it back for a replacement, then do it again until the warranty runs out, but that’s just me), but wouldn’t it make sense to just replace the DCT with something better? It’s basically a Mazda engine block, so I wonder if a Mazda automatic transmission would fit. Quite a few older small Fords were just funny-looking Mazdas with Ford engines and the current Focus platform is just an updated variant of the common platform used for numerous cars (most importantly, the European Mk2 Focus and Mazda 3 shared an enormous number of parts).

I’m thinking that at the rate they’re depreciating these will be $4-5k cars in another year or so, which is damn close to basic transportation value. It’d be hard to beat a 3 year old commuter car with about 30k miles (with modern safety equipment/test ratings) for around $5-6k invested... I know it isn’t a completely trivial swap due to the onboard computers, but I’m sure we could work around that.


Has anyone had both apart? Could it be confirmed whether or not they would mate right up? Has this been done?