Go ahead and lambaste me, Oppo.

But hear me out.

I had to pick up the kids after work today, so I had to get off two exits earlier than normal. I reminded myself of this fact, once I exited the city limits via the two lane highway.

I was cruising in the left lane, not holding anyone up, of course, passing slower and merging vehicles on my right. Now, a little backstory of this particular jaunt:

The highway I was on is poorly designed, and was so in the stone age. Lets say, the 50's. The on ramps are short, as are the off ramps, and several of the on ramps ARE the off ramps so the right lane is an exercise in brake, accelerate, brake, etc.

So I keep left, so long as I am not impeding asshats who want to do 70 in a 55, and later 80 in a 65. I maintain 10 over, usually.


Anyways, I reminded myself of the early exit, them promptly forgot. Until I saw the sign up ahead with the arrow exclaiming: "EXIT HERE MOTHERFUCKER".

But I was still in the left lane. Passing a horde of slower cars on my right. BUT. I know how this works. They are about to slow down for the exit. Yes. People SLOW DOWN ON THE HIGHWAY for their exits in this area. And this one isn't even a short ramp. It is long, and ends in three lanes. Two turning left, and one right. Wide, not curved, easy peasy. But people still slow down.

So I see a Camry (naturally) ahead in the right lane start to signal, and the Grand Prix behind him backs off. I am closing at ~10MPH faster than them, so I signal, and aim for the gap between them which is large enough >just< for my car.


Now here's where I look like a shithead. A thundercunt. A douche of epically massive proportions.

But hear me out.

The Grand Prix driver was already slowing down.... except once I started to move over, he ceased. Either he didn't see me signal/start to merge, or he intentionally sped up.


In either case, I puckered as his front end disappeared below my trunk-sight lines. I looked into his eyes.... his enraged face.. his shaking fists.... his blaring horn....

Sorry bro, I need to get off here. You should have had plenty of time to let me in to the exit.... wait a sec... he's not even exiting. He's continuing on the highway. What the....


Anyways, I'm not justified, I know. I made a boo-boo. The Grand Prix driver's apparent inattentiveness could have caused a crash, led on by my shitheaddery.


But we both escaped to drive another day. Not like either of us should have gave a fuck, we were both in 15 year old cars fercrhistsake.

TL;DR I cut off a guy because I almost missed my exit and I feel bad, but he should have seen me coming/let me in because he was in the exiting traffic lane.

I am sorry.