Have you ever researched, test drove, and then *bought* a car only to find out that...you don’t like it?

I sold my cream puff ‘12 GTI Autobahn because I wasn’t driving it as much, didn’t want to worry about it being street parked in the city, and honestly just needed more room. Bought a Certified ‘12 XC90 after flirting with the idea of an LR3. Man, what the hell was I thinking?

The XC90 isn’t even bad! It’s just...not great. It’s super comfortable for long drives, but it’s so damn vanilla and floaty. The extra space has been great, but I really need to get back into a manual trans lifestyle and to be driving something that I feel a connection with.

Anyway, what should I buy? I need to keep this thing probably until the end of the year, but I’m thinking I’m going to hunt for a unicorn - manual trans wagon!

What do you say Oppos? I could go back to GTI, but I do like this additional space. Something like this 3 Series?