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Made a purchase!

I’ve been meaning to buy this game forever but just haven’t gotten around to it. This is going to be a long week here in Dallas on travel for work and it’s supposed to rain like every day I’m here so at least I’ll have something to look forward to after every long day at work. I worked a full day today on Saturday so I needed something to cheer me up and still enjoy the weekend. I’ve heard so much good about this game and it is the subject of my favorite YouTube series so I figured I had to finally give it a try. The object of the game is to painstakingly build a car, including every bolt, and every part required. There are no instructions on how the parts go together or how the tools work and if you do it wrong, the car will behave in a realistic way. So if you forget to tighten a spark plug, it might shoot out and start running poorly on fewer cylinders. Now that’s my kind of realism! And while you are doing this, you have to eat food, go do odd jobs to make money to buy parts, amongst other things. So it should be lots of fun. We shall see how buggy it is and hopefully it’s playable. But for $15 it’s well worth a try. Here is the video series that has me hooked on this game :

In the earlier videos, he claimed it was going to be a three part video series. He is now on video number twenty something... It's amazing. I won't have nearly as much fun playing as I do watching these videos. But I still want to try it anyways. 


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