Made a thing

$4 in lumber, a box of screws, a $15 harbor freight furniture dolly, and an hour or two combine to create this:

Yes, it’s attached to the dolly

But why, you may ask?

Well, it’s so I can free up my engine stand, which has been occupied by a certain 307 for quite a while.

It rolls around so easily!

Still trying to schedule to pick up the new engine’s block from the machine shop, who apparently very much put it on the back burner (machine work has been paid for since November [and rotating assembly present since late January], but they were just getting to honing it a week ago when I stopped by). I’ve been assured it won’t be long. We’ll see, they know I’m waiting on them which I specifically said I didn’t want to happen when I dropped it off in October. Not happy about that.

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