As with most of my cooks, I’ve forgotten to photograph the results. Leftovers are chilling in the fridge now.

Made this:

except I didn’t make any garlic bread.

I always feel that my meatless dishes (chicken bouillon cube doesn’t count) are really lacking but I got full on this one before I thought that this recipe could be better with some bacon or sausage.


Normally I make tomato based sauces but I get why people like cream sauce. The tarragon adds a nice scent and flavour that makes the pasta easy to eat - despite all the cream and carbs it doesn’t feel too stodgy. Used a 1/2lb of button mushrooms and a whole trimmed leek. I did add a 1/2 teaspoon of dried chili flakes with the garlic.

Finally, I used farfalle pasta since that’s what I had. I think I reduced the sauce too much, it doesn’t have the same consistency as the video. Still, tasted really nice.

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