If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Made it about 80% finished

And then nature was like “nah you’re good for today”

Interestingly to replace the regulator you dont have to take the window out, just lift it, drop the bar off the studs and fish out the most awkwardly shaped piece of equipment out of a hole that’s 3mm too small for such a task. Unfortunately the garage isn’t large enough for me to open the doors thanks to the massive shelving in there.


The 10mm ratchet wrench still eludes me.

Probably should have checked the radar. I’m going for it in about 2 mins with just enough time to finish this!



The window track guide is broken. Some plastic fused to plastic nonsense. Lucky a small nylon wheel with a stem or something I can make. I'm attempting to fuse it back together and cleaned/lubed the track so there's little resistance. 


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