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Made it to Houston

Halfway there. I’m still exhausted having been awake for more than 27 hours, but I did catch a few ZZZZZZs on the inbound flight. It’s a good thing I don’t have to drive when I get to OC as I obviously would be a hazard to other drivers.

I’m still not sure what clothing I packed, so that’ll be a surprise. And I found out the hard way that it wasn’t my main suitcase that I broke last year but the carry on bag. This was discovered when I yanked the handle clear out of it when I got to the airport. Oops.


The weirdest thing about this exhaustion is that I'm hungry and thirsty but I can't seem to bring myself to eat or drink. A few cheese puffs and a little bag of cashews is all I've had since Friday morning. I've had some water and tea so I'm not dehydrated, but I just don't want anything. I'm going to make a great lunch date...

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