Made it to Utah!

After a pretty easy 10 hour drive, I have made it to Utah! The 15 was pretty scenic through parts of Nevada and especially Arizona. Soon after entering Utah, I exited the freeway around a town called Meadow, and headed North from there. A nice 2 Lane back road with a 65mph speed limit. And at the end of it, Google maps took me down a shortcut that consisted of 20 miles of dirt, sand, and gravel. So I did some proper Subaruing! I’ll try and post a video soon.


This car is certainly going to need a wash. But I’m very glad that I brought this car and not my Miata. If I had any fillings, they would have been removed from the rattling at half the speed in the Miata. But in the STi I could easily cruise at 60mph on the straight parts and a bit slower around turns just because of sight lines. Haha but the dust cloud behind me, I’m just glad I didn’t have to try and drive behind that. I didn’t see anyone the whole way so it was a fun drive.

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