This past weekend I did a bunch of autocross and tested out a video recording setup. I just used an old Android phone mounted to my rear view mirror with a go pro pole mount with phone adapter. Now this was not the most stable setup since it didnt really fit the tiny mirror shaft but it came out acceptable to watch as a proof of concept. I will try suring up the connection next weekend.

Anyways, I used TrackAddict on my phone and then edited with RaceRender on my laptop to create the final product. It was pretty neat to get all of the data. Such as being able to see that I reached a max speed of 59.3 mph at the end of the course. Or that my revlimiter in second gear tops me out at 52 mph. This is obtained from the OBDII scanner over bluetooth as well as GPS in the phone.

The event above was the SCCA event I had done that weekend. Which was much better than the 2 day UMI performance autocross I had done Friday/Saturday. I had fun at both, but it was just a very different crowd and course design. I also have a video of that course below. SO much less smooth!