I Made New Autocross Magnets!

I think they look pretty sharp.


How I made them

I bought some white magnetic sheet from an art supply company, and had a friend make some black vinyl. The letters were made with a small black outline that I laid onto magnetic sheet, and then carefully cut out by hand. A little sharpie to mark the edges works wonders for cleaning them up.


The lettering

Finding the right font was surprisingly difficult. I ended up taking the easy way out. Look familiar? Here’s a clue:


But why?

Well, because I needed autocross numbers, and painters tape (or mix ‘n match magnets) isn’t a good way to live.


Curious about the inspiration? Check out the video below. Obviously the 12" x 16" white sheets are much smaller than the original, but I wanted this to be usable on my Fiesta as well. Plus, the door starts to curve just below the handle, so it would be hard to get a magnetic sheet to stick reliably.

I think they turned out okay!

Shout out to Hawgee Decals for the vinyl work!

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