I purchased the 4300K H11 HID conversion kit from Xenondepot for $125 and I couldn’t be happier with the result! Achieving the result, however, was a different story. As expected, since the kit wasn’t made specifically for a GX 470, there weren’t any specific instructions, so I relied on forum threads from others who had already completed the conversion. It seems that Xenondepot has made numerous changes to the kit over the years, so none of them were super applicable. The one I ended up referencing most was one for an ‘06 4Runner. What was touted by forums as a 30-40 minute install by forums was more like a 2.5 hour install for me. A lot of time was spent trying to figure out good places to mount things, but I must admit most of it was spent trying to fit the dang lamps in the sockets. The gaskets they provided on the lamps wouldn’t let them be tightened into the housing, so eventually I just had to use the gaskets from the old lamps. To add to the confusion, Xenondepot sent me two harnesses when I only needed one, so naturally I just sat there like an idiot for 15 minutes trying to figure out what I had missed. Finally, I just said screw it, reconnected the battery, turned the truck on, and huzzah! The lights fired up on the first try, no issues with polarity or anything! And here’s the results, taken on an iPhone that made them both look weird! (Ignore the mess in the garage)




And here’s the result from ~ 20 feet before sunset:


Again, the camera makes them all look so different (esp that last one), but the difference between Halogens and HIDs is, if you will, night and day.