Between the selling the racecar, the leave payout from leaving the university and saving some pennies from the new job, I was able to set up the final payment on the F-150 today. My checking account balance won’t look nearly as good tomorrow morning, but in a week or two I’ve have the title in hand. It feels good to payoff a not very old I truck I bought new in 2017.

Now I’ll just have the resist the urge for unnecessary car shopping. It’s great. I love it, but I slightly regret not blowing up the budget for a 4X4 back in 2017. I thought the new job in which my work (a very similar white F-150, but 4X4 and an extended cab) truck spends hours per week in 4-low would scratch the itch, but it may actually being fueling my wanderlust. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been thinking about how a 4x4 midsize truck could fit into my life.


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