Why you should buy a Nissan

November 5, 2019 - Oppo Staff

Name: Nissan Type of vehicle: It isn’t immediately clear why you should buy a Nissan, but it’s sure to endear you to the carmaker and its staffers. See that awesome symbol of freedom the Nissan brand conjures up? This is the symbol of greatness. It comes with an unmistakable image and the ability to transport owners everywhere. One way or another, the Nissan logo always offers a powerful positive image to offset what’s happening at the company’s corporate headquarters. It reminds you of what kind of company that’s setting the standard for everyone else to follow.


Price: $28,200 Plus: Its exterior is sporty, which isn’t a huge surprise; things like gorgeous flash are to be expected from a Nissan. In fact, its exterior looks more like a sports car than a stock compact SUV. Consider: Nissan’s electric Leaf is an efficient, futuristic and even smartly designed electric car. Paired with some rear-wheel drive, it can challenge traditional sports cars on both the performance and driving dynamics fronts. It’s available with one of the best electric driving systems in the industry.

You want a Z2 MPV? Remember the Nissan Z2, and its cousin, the Z2 Crossover? These are the two most exciting and awesome Nissan wagons of the last few years. They look like sports cars on the outside and have a dash of off-road heritage. It’s unlikely anyone will confuse these for low-slung crossovers. They are both incredibly capable sports cars. Heck, Nissan’s taking them to the mountains and the mountain trails to race alongside the world’s best drivers.

Price: $29,290 Plus: That Crossover also features elements of off-road/European behavior. For added off-road features, there’s even some fancy off-road tires. Combined with the aforementioned handling qualities, both the Z2 and Z2 Crossover offer a level of levelheaded confidence that’s top notch among any car. It even includes daytime running lights! Want a soundproof car? The Z.E. sounds like a thunderous delivery truck, but you’ll listen to it with comfortable headrests that block noise, so you don’t miss the voices of fellow drivers.

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