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Illustration for article titled MAGNUM OPUS RALLY (this weekend)- WHOS GOING?

So after a month and a half I finally finished my plodding 4-wheel drum brake and wheel bearing refresh. Since I’m running out of time, I sent it to the shop to get the shocks put in tomorrow. It should be ready to drive to Newberry soon! I’m going to be volunteering as a corner marshal up there with a friend who will be live-streaming the event. Who else is going? Magnum Opus Rally


I haven’t been to MO since 2013 but have been doing LSPR every year. MO is great because they let you camp for free at the county fair grounds, which even have showers! This is the first time I’ll be taking my truck, so wish me luck! I figure if a $400 Ford Probe can make it, an F-100 can.

Is anyone else here going? Dusty Ventures maybe?

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