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Mahindra & Mahindra & Saab

First the Swedish, then the Americans, then the Chinese, now India. Mahindra & Mahindra want a giant piece of the Saab pie and evidently want to take advantage of the access they have to the US market. Apparently (rumor has it) Mahindra has the ultimate goal of gaining access to the in-development Phoenix platforms, the brand name, along with another unnamed India based sugar-daddy. So say the rumors.

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The big thing to take away from this is that when the whole bankruptcy thing happened, Mahindra was told that they had to buy the parts company in addition to the Saab brand if they wanted to be apart of the bidding. They didn't like that so they dropped out, along with a number of other bidders. Well then the bankruptcy attorneys decided to drop the requirement of having to buy the parts company in addition to the brand name. Then NEVS waltzed in and grabbed it. Oddly, Mahindra wasn't called back and this goofy electric car thing was put into motion. From what I've heard, it was some obvious favoritism and some Swedish government supported eco-green crap that lead to NEVS buying up everything. But since the Chinese won't supply the money, these two Indian brands might get what they originally wanted when Saab was on sale.

Interesting stuff, but nothing official yet. It is worth noting that Mahindra does have the money to pull something like this off, not even taking into account the cash that the other unnamed company would bring to the table.


Just can't kill the Saab brand, huh?

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