1. I am convinced that some people will never get this one right
  2. It no longer makes me angry
  3. I no longer lose patience
  4. I approach this interchange expecting the worst.

This is a HOV lane on my way home from work. The “closed” portion is open in the morning, but has no traffic on it in the afternoon.

There is a sign before this interchange that states “Maintain Two Lanes” which a few select people interpret as “There are two lanes now, there are going to continue to be two lanes, I have noticed which one I’m in now, and will act accordingly to stay in this one.”

I do not know what the rest of the drivers interpret it as. Maybe they don’t see it? Maybe they don’t understand it? All I do know is that this ends up being a free for all just about every time I go through it.


This (above) is the interchange. Red should aim for left lane, blue for right.

Here it is again. I added the lane lines to illustrate what should happen.


This is what happens.

Without lines there is anarchy. Some people need lines.