The winter is usually a time to catch up on maintenance with the Daytona, and this winter was no exception. A surprisingly dry day with salt-free roads in January allowed me to make the short journey over to my Dad’s workshop so that our mechanic Vince could carry out a few jobs on the car. There was nothing huge planned although an oil change was due, and I wanted Vince to check out the sticking light pod and see if anything could be done to reduce the fuel smell that my wife so dislikes.

During the work Vince noticed an oil leak coming from the transaxle that meant the unit had to come out for refurbishment. It’s been a while since the unit has been out and once apart it was quickly discovered there was quite a build up of black sludge inside as the oil has got older. Vince cleaned out the sludge and refurbished the insides (I’m not mechanically minded enough to give a detailed explanation of what was done!) Once back on the car, a few test drives revealed that the gears were now shifting much more smoothly but there was a lot more noise coming from the transaxle, particularly when the car was cold and especially from the limited slip differential when turning. The oil had been replaced with Royal Purple gear oil, which was probably a lot thinner than the oil in before. Back at the workshop some additional Redline limited slip additive was added to the oil and the noise has considerably reduced, although it’s not been entirely eliminated. We’ll keep this under review and see if further work needs to take place.

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