Maintenance for short-distance driven cars?

My car is almost exclusively driven on short trips and it’s strange if any drive takes more than thirty minutes. I change my oil twice a year regardless of mileage, but to put things in perspective, I fill up my gas tank around once per month. Two fillups in a month means I’ve been doing a lot of driving, and generally a tank (before the “empty” light comes on, but when the needle has reached the bottom of the gauge) takes me about 350 kilometres of city driving (it’s very rare that my car is taken on 100+km/h highways).

Anyways, I’m pretty sure this is hell on vehicle internals - is there anything I can really do to keep it going as long as possible? My DD in question is a 2009 Hyundai Accent sedan and it only has a bit over 48,000 kilometres on it, and it was purchased brand new by my parents who no longer needed it. Mechanically, it’s still fine, and I figure oil changes are the least I can do. While I really want a new car, it’s just not financially responsible for me to do so, and I’m not willing to dive into my savings just to get a new car which I’ll use very rarely (although I’d probably drive more often if I had something really enjoyable). That’s why I’d like to keep this running as long as possible. I’ve already had a full fluid change done once on this car (was a couple of years ago at this point) and on top of regular oil changes if there’s other reasonable measures that can be taken, I’d like to do so.


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