This seems like a basic question, and I’d like some Oppo opinion on this.

I’m getting ready to sell a car. I’ve been good about keeping maintenance records; I have CarFax records of the maintenance done on the vehicle from the original owner of the car (I’m the second owner), as well as receipts for the work I have had done on the car, and/or parts I’ve purchased for it, and done the work myself.

I have no problem showing this to potential buyers, but the question is this: do you give away the maintenance records to the person who decides to purchase your car?

I have nothing to hide, but I get a little nervous with people knowing the places I’ve gone to purchase parts and have work done. My home address is on the darn title, so it’s not really about privacy in that sense. More like I’ve never kept good records until the past few years and it feels a bit.... odd... to give them to the new owner, when you can’t get that information from a car you purchase at a dealer due to privacy laws.



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