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Major Disappointment.

So yesterday sucked. I had an appointment with a Craigslist seller to go look at a 1985 CRX Si, which I had mentioned in previous posts. The seller led me to believe he was out of town for the weekend, and I couldn’t go look at the car until 4pm, well at 1 pm he asked me again how serious I was about buying the car, and I told him very serious with cash in hand. 20 minutes later he informed me the car was sold. So not only did I not get to buy the car, I didn’t even get to see it.

I haven’t been that upset in a long time. I was about 100% committed to buying the car, and vey excited, after all clean old Hondas don’t pop up very often in the upper Midwest, and when they do people want stupid money for them. For expample the only other first go CRX that isn’t a total basket case, is a 1984 DX, and the seller wants 2800 for it, 900 more than the asking price on that Si. On top of losing that opportunity my wife then informs me that she really doesn’t want me to buy a two seater anyway. I checked out CL for anything else interesting, as I was already 4 hours from home with two grand in my pocket to burn, but didn’t find anything worth my time, for that price. So instead of having an awesome day, and that new car high, I had a shitty day of major disappointment.


Several times o thought about calling the seller and chewing him out for selling the car out from under me, but I have to remind myself that would be a fruitless, and senseless effort.

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