After an exceptionally shitty day at work, I came home and was able to mock up the clutch linkage for the chevelle - or at least try to. In short, the whole “finish this month” and probably the whole “finish before winter” thing is out the window.

Disregard the old drum brake distribution block. It’ll come out next time I can actually get to the bolt. I know the felt washer is missing on the ballstud. This is just a mockup.

That’s right, the collector of the headers that I just put on it last year and the Z-bar are doing their best to occupy the same space. You can see on the left just how much further in it needs to go, too.

Financially it’s been a huge stretch to gather the rest of the parts (which as of today I have all the parts I know I’ll need for the rest of the swap) which means another set of headers (not to mention then needing to tie them into the rest of the also-brand-new exhaust) is out of the question for quite a while. I have no way to remove that much material from the collector to make it clear, either, so I’m pretty well stuck.