Major Thinking Going On (Update)

So you all know the van’s HGs are currently on leave, which has us down to the car and the truck. The car is proving a good run around and is completely road worthy now that I rebuilt the suspension. The truck on the other hand decided it no longer wanted to run this weekend, no warning.

So now we’re down to one vehicle (well 1.5, van still runs just no long trips for fear of smoking an engine). I will be hooking up to the truck to hopefully find out why it won’t start this week.


Once I get the truck running again, I’m thinking about trading it off on a Transit Connect minivan. After looking at a few we’ve decided they are the perfect combo of space and utility for us. Likewise, we’re enjoying the lack of payments right now, so I’m thinking on just fixing the van, selling the truck, and running with the 2 90s Mopars.

So my dilemma lays:

1. I trade the truck off and get a Transit Connect, at which I will likely fix the HGs on the van and sell it as we don’t have much need for 3 vehicles.


2. Sell the truck once it’s running and just keep what I have.


After finding this appear at a local dealer:

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I took off work early Friday so I could finally drive one. After finally getting a chance to drive one, we’ve decided we are going to try to find one. Between the excellent seating layout, versatility, and now the way it rides/drives, I’m sold.

Then to add to the good news, I pulled the truck out of it’s parking spot so I could mow when I got home. Low and behold, got it on flat ground and it fired right up. So it wouldn’t start because of the hill it was parked on combined with being under 1/4 tank of fuel!


Saturday I scrubbed the inside of the truck and got it looking amazing, sadly I didn’t take pics, sorry.

Sunday I finally tackled the driveshaft carrier and replaced the u-joints, so that’s all sorted.


So now I’m on the search for a Transit Connect Titanium in the area so we can go make a deal. Once that is in the driveway, I’ll be cleaning the my van up and listing it for sale as well.

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