Check out this super sketchy Slightly wrecked E36 pickup.


Cleanest engine bay I’ve ever seen. You could get a super fun drifter for 500$ + scavenging parts. Not my car. Owned by a friend but it was the community drift car so to speak. Only rule was you break it you buy it. Well a few nights ago someone had to venmo 1500 to the owners. Its got a really solid motor in it if you wanted to just part it out, but I’d definitely love to see it slide again. Its a fun beater. The guy that wrecked it is too ashamed to see it again, so he gave it to free to the friend in the group with the pickup and the trailer. None of us have time to fix it due to school/ our many other projects.

I’m not expecting anyone to actually buy it. He’s pulling the motor in a week to put into an E30 but figured might as well post anyway. 

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