Year end summary of the ‘vette:

Bought in May 2016 for $10,000 Canadian

‘74 Stingray, 350 & 4 speed Borg-Warner Super T-10. Math tells me I have a 3.90 rear end.

I worked a lot of 90+ hour weeks this summer, but still managed to drive it almost a thousand miles! Best mileage on a tank was 11.85mpg, worst mileage was 7.3mpg


Current to-do list:

  • Replace left high beam bulb
  • Fix/replace rear deck vent drain hose (water in “trunk”)
  • Install windshield washer fluid reservoir
  • Get intermittent wiper switch
  • Possibly need new windshield wiper fluid pump
  • Install door pulls
  • Reattach door cards
  • New weather strips
  • New T-top seals
  • Convert to breakerless ignition
  • Re-mirror rear view mirror if possible?
  • $ New front bumper cover + Paint
  • $$ Carpet Kit
  • $$ Leather Seats?
  • $$ 3.55 diff
  • $$$ Tremec TKO 500 trans


Kinja doesn’t seem to like my original 8+MP images, images may be kinja’d