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How to make Formula 1 pit stops even faster

Earlier today I pointed out that F1 wanted to make their current pit stops faster. That they were willing to green light technology to make that happen. I've come up with a way to save costs and make pit stops potentially safer and faster. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Can you engineer something better?


1) Get rid of the wheel nut entirely and negate the necessity to have wheel guns. That eliminates 4 people on the crew. Sorry I know those are people's jobs but they are trying to save money in F1.

2) A hydraulic/electric/air jacking system under the car. It is activated when the car is stationary in the pit box or by the driver. It has been suggested that automating the activation is a bad idea.

3) Attached to the activation of the jacking system is a release mechanism for the tires. You know the choke collar method of attaching something? Where you pull down the collar and the internal bearings relax allowing you to remove whatever? The jack goes up and the collar pulls back allowing the wheel to be removed without any wheel nut or gun. Reduces the issues with misthreaded wheel nuts as well and possibly the unsprung weight of the tire.

4) When the new tire is affixed to the car the process of putting it on causes the collar to return to position and secure the tire in place.


5) When all 4 tires have been placed the jack automatically releases and the car is released.

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