well now, isnt this one of the great cluster-fuck debacles of our time?
how do we do it?

some say we have stricter tests.
some say we decrease speed limits and slow the world down
extremists say we dont drive and turn the whole world into a tree hugging, peace-adoring state.
the obvious answer is this: make the DRIVERS safer.

ok, we've got step 1 and 2 down. Admit we have a problem, and recognize exactly WHAT the problem is.

now, step 3. how do we deal with it?

we know tht our drivers ed is a joke. so what do we do?
take up what they have in europe? tht make sense in theory, but they much short distances to drive there, and cars arent as necessary for life over there as it is here state (and canada) side.

"so Pete, what are you proposing?" I hear some of you say

Its simple. we kill the batman (sorry, had to get that in)

but seriously now, i say we do 4 things

1: you have to take a driving course every 3 years. preferably a winter one. because as we see in the states right now, its a friggen cluster-fuck thanks to idiots who cant drive.

2: limit the HP of your car. make it a tiered permit system. from 16-20 u cant have more then 225 hp. no more. oh, this means you cant buy that really nice lexus SUV u wanted for your grad gift? well tough shit

3: make the police start handing out tickets for passing on the wrong side, tail gating, not just speeding. i cant remember how many times i've been tailgated by some asshole in an audi (its audis up here in canada. not as much the BMWs) and the cops 2 lanes over didnt do shit all.

4: this is the most important one. make the people spend 6 month/x amount of KM on something like this:

and here is why:

1: it teaches you to realize just how dangerous cars are. by putting yourself in a vulnerable position, you realize just HOW dangerous car are when they are actually in motion.
2: its open. meaning you cant drive it in shitty weather. meaning the experienced stay off the road when things go tits up
3: it screens out people who cant drive because of a disability. EG: you can balance? ok, fair enough, you dont need tht for driving, but this thing has 3 wheels, u dont need to know how to balance.
oh, you cant balance gas, steering and checking for traffic on this? then why should we put you behind the wheel of a 1.5 tonne murderous hunk of steel?
4: its cheap. it doesnt use a lot of gas, yea, insurance is a bit of a bitch, but isnt it anyways if ur young?
5: it does have the range that anyone would need at that age. (150 miles per tank) and it is reasonably speedy. not like sportbike quick, but enough to keep you from being the road block on the streets.
6: can be easily parked and stored.

7: it basically applies natural selection. if you are dumb enough to take risks when its just you life in danger, why should we let you have something much heavier that could kill someone else too?


yea, most people on the roads now are idiots. so, lets take the median (not the average) and everyone below tht level has to start again. on a scooter. re-learn how to drive.
there is no point in making people like us Oppos retake it. we KNOW how to drive. its the people who dont know how to drive that are the problem.

i know its a little more far fetched then other ideas, but maybe we do need something radical to help our driving schools.

then again, what does the 19 year old know, eh?

PS: the reason i suggest this is because instead of getting a car first, i was zipping around the GTA on a buell blast. a 500cc, single piston thumper that got me to and from school and a part-time job for a year and a bit. great, great little bike that. but I feel that its helped me realize just how dangerous cars can be. (heres a pic of the little guy)


so, now i'm actually curious. what do you guys think about this?

EDIT: I admit i wrote this kinda as a rant/get my ideas down. curious to see what you guys think of it. apologies if any of it comes off as me being a dick