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Make up your damn mind, Hyundai (Genesis)

Genesis General Manager Erwin Raphael told Hyundai’s dealer council last week that the opportunity to sell the brand would now be offered to all Hyundai dealers in the U.S. — a complete shift from the brand’s previous thinking.

In January, Genesis announced it would launch a separate retail network composed of about 100 stores in 48 markets, concentrated in luxury-friendly urban areas. Elite-level dealers in those markets would be given first dibs on acquiring a Genesis franchise, but the vast majority of Hyundai dealers would lose their right to carry Genesis products and wouldn’t be invited to join the new network.


But as of last week, Genesis is no longer confining itself to the 48-market plan. A spokesman said it’s possible that the Genesis standalone network could launch with more than 100 stores.

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This could turn out well by bringing access to Genesis’ products to more people and more importantly a wider service network, or turn out real bad if every single shitty shady Hyundai dealership starts selling Genesis’ and turn people off from the brand. And bring the G70 out already.

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