first, continue to photochopperize things

then, get down to the nitty gritty. seats out to find the hidden garbage. dog treats, old food, and random detritus


all vacuumed away and the carpets cleaned. you can see it mostly in the transitions where the rugs have been removed. in the before picture its a very stark light cream to brown line. now it’s all mostly one colour

and of course those removable rugs got some love, possibly for the first time since ‘97


And I razor bladed the glass, and completely wiped down the plastics with an oil removing detergent. Then, cleaned all the glass with streak free methods, and re-oilied the plastics so they shiny and smelly.

Anyway, it smells like freshly laundered clothes in there now.

Went to Costco to get the winter tyres swapped for summers, and the guy was impressed by the cleanliness of my interior. So that’s a plus.

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