Have you ever wondered what it’s like to daily an autocross-prepped MR2? I’m making a channel for my adventures with WAY2BLU, and I’d like OPPO’s suggestions for videos!

What content do all y’all wanna see? I’ll be driving the MR2 around in SoCal initially but planning to branch out for bigger trips over time. The MR2 will see all manner of mild and wild climates, with upgrades ranging from ill-advised to just-plain-inappropriate-for-a-sports-car levels of crazy.


If you wanna see specific driving roads or destinations, or have ideas for upgrades to the car, please mention them in the comments!

My MR2 has been here on Oppo for 2 years now:

I would like to thank you all for the continued support of such automotive pursuits. All y’all are crazy in the most enthusiastically automotive ways possible, and I hope to put together some awesome content for all y’all in the very near future.

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